Rowan fell running on Latrigg

Keep Running Simple For Powerful Results!

Running is a simple sport. But for a simple sport it sure can be complicated. Watches and apps feeding you dozens of in depth metrics. Every new podcast or magazine offering a brand new “5 workouts you must do to get faster”. And all the eye-wateringly expensive performance and recovery gadgets you could imagine. So … Read more

Rowan running downhill on the fells in winter conditions

Winter Running – How To Keep up Your Motivation

Winter running – Dark mornings and evenings. Grotty weather. Waning motivation. But there’s nothing worse than getting to March and realising you’ve lost your fitness due to a winter layoff. So how do we keep it up when the elements are against us? 👉 Get the right gear. It’s never going to be enjoyable if … Read more

The 7 Golden Rules of Ultras – Smash your Next Race

A lot goes into running ultra running – way more than just turning up and running! You can get away with winging it for a 5k. If you want to run a succesful ultra though you’re looking at a whole other level of planning. Follow these 7 golden rules and you’ll be well prepared to … Read more

Five Pillars of Successful Running

You’re here because you love running… and you’re also here because you want to be a more successful runner. Do you wonder why your running isn’t going anywhere despite feeling like you’re putting the work in? Well here are five key concepts to apply to your running to ensure you hit your goals, enjoy your … Read more