Winter Running – How To Keep up Your Motivation

Winter Running – How To Keep up Your Motivation

Winter running – Dark mornings and evenings. Grotty weather. Waning motivation.

But there’s nothing worse than getting to March and realising you’ve lost your fitness due to a winter layoff.

So how do we keep it up when the elements are against us?

👉 Get the right gear. It’s never going to be enjoyable if your clothing isn’t warm enough or your waterproof isn’t up to the job. The more you can do to stay warm and dry, the less the weather will bother you.

👉 Something is infinitely better than nothing. You may not be training for peak performance or a massive event, but keeping things ticking along is well worth the effort. You’ll be in a much better position when you pick up full-on training again.

👉 Embrace it. Easier said than done, but if we accept that winter is simply just going to happen, and sitting and waiting for spring isn’t going to help, then it makes it that much easier to get out of the door.

👉 Remove barriers. It’s much easier at this time of year to find excuses not to go out. So remove as many barriers as you can, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Get your running gear ready and prepare a snack/breakfast the night before. Be more organised with planning your runs around your week. Have a variety of kit ready for whatever the weather decides to do. And don’t forget your head torch 😃

👉 Set your goals. With fewer races, and even fewer big events to aim for over winter, it’s normal to let your goals slide. And no goals = less motivation. No matter how small, set some goals. Whether it’s a small race to improve for, a parkrun effort, or just weekly training goals, having something to aim for will boost your motivation and consistency.

This is just a small selection of things you can do to keep your training going through winter. What would you add?