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Running is my passion

My Running Journey

I first started running in my teens but it was always an on-and-off affair. I went through a number of varying sports such as tennis, mountain biking and mixed martial arts. It was only in my early thirties that I rediscovered my love for running, and I realised that this was where my true passion was.

I soon transitioned on to running the fells and this is where my heart truly lies – whether that’s a short blast of a fell race, a long chilled day out in the Lake District, an epic ultramarathon challenge or even a multi-day fastpacking trip.

I set up my sports therapy business in 2017 and quickly found that clients were asking me about training and other running related topics. Prompted by this I went on to myself to qualify further as a UKA running coach. I have since coached dozens of runners from complete novices to elite ultra runners – and no matter what their ability level, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing one of my coached athletes smash their goals!

My Thoughts on Running and Coaching

Running should, above all, be fun. Every runner should enjoy their training, not see it as a chore. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then it’s simply not going to be sustainable. I will work with you to ensure that your training and racing fits with your personality, lifestyle and goals, because no matter how optimal your training plan may be, if it doesn’t fit with you then there will be no consistency.

Simplicity is at the heart of my approach to running. I am a firm believer in doing the simple things well. If every week involves new fancy training sessions and measuring every obscure metric going then this can quickly become overwhelming and tiring – not good for consistency! Coaching with me starts off simple and builds layer by layer as we build our relationship.

Goals are what drive us. No matter what your level or what your aims are, I always make sure we’re working towards your goals. This can be a race, a full season, a PB, or just you trying to run 5k for the first time.

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